New Service from Turkish Airlines

A New Airport is Operational at Taksim

With Miniport, your baggage won’t tie you down.

Self service?

You can query to find out where is your luggage.

What is Miniport?

It is a service of Turkish Airlines, which transports your baggage to the airport, allowing you to enjoy your trip in Istanbul until your valuable last moments.

Miniport Nedir?

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Your Questions

To get more information about Miniport, and to find answers to all your questions,
you can contact us via Miniport e-mail address or you can visit our offices.

How can I check my baggage in?

You can check your baggage in at the Miniport offices, which are located in Taksim and Istanbul Ataturk Airport, and if you prefer, you can handle it to our deliverer, with the reservation that you will make at our affiliate hotel of your stay.

I want to claim my baggage back, what should I do?

For each baggage, which is checked in at the offices, and of which payment is complete; if the baggage is registered, but is still in the office, then the RECIPIENT has the right of withdrawal. Otherwise, the fee regarding the service will not be refunded. In case of this right being used, the service fee will be refunded to the bank of the RECIPIENT by the end of the day. At the process of refunding the fee regarding the service, the terms and conditions between the bank and the RECIPIENT apply.

For every baggage, of which confirmation ticket is received, and which is into action; the baggage reclaim service will separately be charged, along with the baggage handling service, in the case of long delays or in the case of the RECIPIENT’s request for the baggage to be returned to the hotel, except the case that the flight is cancelled.

Taksim Main Office

Free baggage transfer point

Harbiye mah. Cumhuriyet Cad. No:44 Elmadağ Şişli/İstanbul

T: +90 212 463 63 63 / 30196


Ist. Ataturk Airport

Free baggage transfer point

Metro Floor Miniport Office

T: +90 212 463 63 63 / 15989